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Dry Ice Pellets

Do you have regular medical and clinical laboratory shipments? If so you will use DRY ICE to ensure the specimen arrives in the right condition. DIOXICEis the name we use at Clean Surface for the dry ice pellets we produce at our plant in Leicester. We are specialised in small parcel shipments and we have been supplying the Leicestershire NHS Trust exclusively for years. Our reliability and service in supporting the health professionals has been recognised and we are now expanding our business across the whole of the UK.


    DIOXICE dry ice comes in high density 3 mm and 16 mm pellets and is readily available every day. For shipping purposes our pellets can be packed in 1 kg bags which are clearly marked with safety information.

    To make your Purchase of DIOXICE via PETO marketplace for the NHS please visit http://www.peto.co.uk and search ‘dry ice’


    Every order is packed to your specification and can be supplied at short notice. Most destinations can be reached by courier for next day delivery. Alternatively dry ice can be collected from our works Mo-Fr between 8.30 AM and 5.00 PM. For larger requirements we ship our dry ice pellets in well insulated containers. Dry ice remains fresh and useable in these containers for up to a week.


    To order DIOXICE for immediate despatch please call 0116 224 0072 or order online at http://www.dioxice.com Clean Surface Ltd DIOXICE Division 14 Highmeres Road Leicester LE4 9LZ, UK t: 0116 224 0072 f: 0116 224 0074 e:dryice@dioxice.com