Easing of liquid CO2 supplies used to make Dry Ice

I am pleased to be able to report that new supplies of liquid CO2 are now coming in, and that two UK plants have been re-commissioned. We received nearly 20 tonnes yesterday and have re-started dry ice production.

As all users have virtually zero stock we cannot expect to get our future supplies on a 24 hour basis as we did before the shortage, but we are hoping that we will get back to a normal supply situation over the next couple of weeks.
We would like to ask for your continued understanding if we need to shorten or delay your orders in the following weeks. We will make every effort not todo this in the knowledge that we have the support of our contracted supplier Praxair, who are committed to maintaining supplies to their regular users whenever possible.
Please keep in touch with our staff if you have any major events coming up during July so we can plan accordingly.
Finally my thanks to you all for the understanding you have shown to us over this difficult period.

Mike Bennett