CO2 shortages

Dear Customer,
We have just been advised that stocks of liquid CO2 in the UK are virtually zero today (14.06.2018), and that it will be a week to 10 days before supplies return to normal.
The reason for the sudden shortage is that the UK plants that produce CO2 have all been closed for maintenance without prior advice.
We have never experienced this situation to date as our supplier, Praxair, uses both UK supplies and imports from Scandinavia and the Continent brought in on their own liquid gas tanker ships. With a planned UK supplyshutdown they make up for UK shortages with imports, but with a sudden stop of UK supplies they need time to fill the gap.
We were lucky to receive a fill of our tank last night so we have some possibility to supply dry ice into next week, but after that our stocks will be zero by midweek if we supply all orders to their usual full amount.
We propose to to be fair to all our regular large user Customers in this difficult period and limit supplies to 50% of the order during next week, which may possibly allow us to bridge the gap. We will only supply our regular customersin this way. We will try to fulfil small on line orders, but please be prepared for disappointment. We will call/e-mail you if we cannot supply.
Our sales staff will be keeping you up to date with the situation by phone and e-mail as your orders come in, and you are welcome to call us to hear the latest news.
I can confirm that we, together with our suppliers, will try to minimise the impact on your businesses, but regret to say that this is a true case of Force Majeure that we could not have foreseen before today.
Best regards,
Mike Bennett
Managing Director